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Frequently asked

It always depends on the app and its features. But the price won’t be a surprise: before you commit to anything, we’ll give you a clear and final price so you know up front what the project will cost you. 

But in general, creating a customised app costs usually around 10 000–50 000 euros. The majority of our apps falls in the price range of 10 000–30 000 euros. This is just an estimate – you can get a simple app well under 10 000 euros.

Our servers, offices and all our employees are located in Finland. Our offices are located in Helsinki and Lahti.

Yes, we can. All our apps are tailor-made so we can create solutions to fit even the most unique needs.

No, it won’t. We customise each app’s UI and design to fit the customer’s brand.

It’s easy to add features and develop our apps further because we can use our components.

In fact, this is what we encourage our customers to do. First, let’s create a simple version of the app. Once there’s more learnings and feedback from users, we can develop the app further.

Yes, we can. Most of our apps are integrated to other systems and services.

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