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My own app – how easy is it to get?

Very. Let’s get to it right away.

Idea omaan mobiiliapplikaatioon.

No hassle getting started

You’ll get an app customized for your needs, supporting all devices and built from tested components.

Know what it costs

Thanks to our transparent and clear pricing, there are no nasty surprises.

Enjoy peace of mind

We’ll make sure your app works, and handle all updates and improvements.

Creating an app can be this easy

We don’t start from scratch, so we don’t need to use hours upon hours on app development and testing. Instead, we round up the features your app needs from hundreds of proven, ready-made components. You’ll get a solution customized for your needs right away, and you’ll only pay for what you actually need.

Yksi kehittämistämme mobiiliapplikaatioista.

This is how our mobile app development goes

Your app is just four steps away.

1. Idea

Together we identify where exactly you need help. You might need an app for your core business, or a solution for an individual issue – feel free to tell us in your own words.

2. Plan

Together with our software architect, you’ll plan what your app needs to do. We’ll make sure it has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

3. Solution

We present you with the final app design and cost. Once you approve the design, we’ll finish up your app and give it your unique brand look.

4. Delivery

The app is uploaded to an app store or delivered internally in your company, whichever you prefer. And we’ll make sure the app stays well-functioning even after the release.

"SuperApp's mobile development platform and concept is the bomb."​
Harri Salomäki, Elenia
Harri Salomäki

Why choose SuperApp?

Four reasons why over a hundred businesses have trusted us to create their app.

170+ apps delivered

We only focus on what we do best – mobile and web apps, that is. With over 170 apps developed, we dare say we’re quite good at it.

Clear and transparent pricing

No fuzzy estimates, just a clear, final price. Before you commit to anything, you know excatly what it’ll cost you.

Turnkey solution

We don’t just do coding: you get everything from defining the solution to publishing the app in app stores.

Jargon-free zone

We’re technology experts but you don’t have to be. We make sure we’re always on the same page.

Our work

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