How easy is it?Really easy. Let’s get to it right away.

We don’t start from scratch, so we don’t need to use hours upon hours on development and testing. Instead, we round up the features your app needs from hundreds of proven, ready-made components. You’ll get a solution customized for your needs right away, and you’ll only pay for what you actually need.

Hanki mobiiliapplikaatio ilman alkusäätöä

No hassle getting started

You’ll get an app customized for your needs, supporting all devices and built from proven components.

Mobiiliappi yrityksellesi ilman alkuinvestointia

No surprises

With your clear and transparent pricing you always know exactly what you pay for.

Mobiiliapplikaatio ilman huolia

Peace of mind

We’ll make sure your app works, and handle all updates and improvements.

This is how it goes:

Frequently asked questions

Our servers, offices and employees are all located in Finland, with our offices in Helsinki and Lahti, specifically.

All our solutions are customized for each customer – so yes, we can meet your unique needs.

It’s easy to expand and further develop our apps, as all our components are available to use in apps we have already delivered.

Yes. Many of the apps we’ve developed have been integrated into other systems.

    Sound easy? That’s because it is.
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