JURO-mobiilisovellus kaupunkipyörien vuokraukseen.


Rent a city bike with a handy mobile app

What was needed

How to rent a city bike?

JURO bikes differ from other city bikes in that you don’t need to park them in an allotted parking space. After you’re done, just park the bike in the nearest street corner and someone else can pick it up from there for their ride.

The solution

Just a few taps and you're on your way

Unrestricted parking is enabled by a solar powered smart lock and an easy-to-use mobile app. 

Solar panels installed on the bikes charge the lock. And with the smart lock, the app can locate bikes on the map.

How do you rent a JURO bike? Easy. Just download the JURO app and pay for the use in-app. Choose from different pricing models: either a one-time ride or a longer subscription.

"I enjoyed working with SuperApp. Things ran smoothly straight from the beginning and all essential features worked great. We liked their transparent pricing which was a big plus when calculating the total expense of the project."
Jussi Roito
CEO, Juro Sharing Infra Oy
SuperAppin toimitusjohtaja Arttu Hujanen.

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