Mobile app strengthens Rolls's brand

What was needed

New and modern channel for customers

Rolls is a Finnish restaurant classic. The company wanted to build a new, modern channel for its customers, and what better for that purpose than a mobile app.

The app needed to combine all key features: locate restaurants on a map, host coupons and other offers, and enable targeted communications.

The goal was to increase customer satisfaction and grow the business’s bottom line. The app improves Rolls’s brand, engages customers and offers a VIP-level user experience.

The solution

All in one handy mobile app

With the app, finding the nearest Rolls restaurant is easy. The app also provides information about latest offers and campaigns (which can be collected in the nearest restaurant).

The app features all menus and their details. You can browse menu options and check ingredients even on the road.

Rolls values customer feedback so one requirement for the app was to make giving feedback quick and easy. Users can send both praise and criticism with just a few taps.


"SuperApp understood what Rolls needed and offered a clear and effective solution with a good pricing model."
Fadi Zayat
Rolls Marketing
SuperAppin toimitusjohtaja Arttu Hujanen.

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